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Simple Tool to Stop Malware Attacks in Their Tracks

Malware Attacks are Getting Worse, but There’s a Simple Tool to Stop Them in Their Tracks Your ancillary networked equipment (UPS, air conditioners, power distribution gear, etc.) is vulnerable to the latest malware attack: Ripple20. 2NSystem’s partner, APC by Schneider Electric, has a simple and inexpensive tool that will keep your equipment safe from Ripple20 and other malware. The EcoStruxure IT Expert software will quickly identify vulnerabilities, assess options, fix the problem, and continually monitor impacted devices. Best of all, EcoStruxure IT Expert is FREE for 30 days. Contact us to get your business set up. Here’s what the software [...]

Simple Tool to Stop Malware Attacks in Their Tracks2020-11-20T17:36:10+00:00

Write off 100% of Qualifying Facility Improvement Costs with the Cares Act

As a Facility Manager, Here’s What You Need to Know This may come as shock, given the uncertainty due to the pandemic, but right now is actually the perfect time to invest in facility upgrades. The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act permits a full deduction of specific project costs in a single year, with no limitations on project size. When investing in upgrades – maybe a new UPS, building management system, or HVAC sensors – you’ll receive a tax deduction for the cost of the project. Previously, the deduction was taken over a 39-year period (a [...]

Write off 100% of Qualifying Facility Improvement Costs with the Cares Act2020-10-20T15:53:56+00:00

How will Power Outages Impact your Business?

Did you know that the US is experiencing more power outages than any other developed country? Do you know how much money you’ll lose without power during an unexpected outage? How much product will have to be discarded and how much time will be lost? Power outages are only going to worsen as infrastructure ages further and we place more demand on the grids. The problem is that utility companies are for-profit organizations, and “while customers may prioritize reliable power requiring expensive new equipment… companies might push replacements off as long as they can” (Chrobak, 2020.) The majority of today’s grid [...]

How will Power Outages Impact your Business?2020-09-17T13:25:25+00:00
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