A proper data center design leads to smooth sailing. Anything can happen to your data center, no matter how good (or bad) its design is. Not investing in a data center operations program will cost money, time and possibly your reputation.

We want to help you avoid making major mistakes when you’re operating and maintaining your data center. The key lies in the methodology behind your operations and maintenance program.

All too often, companies put immense amounts of capital and expertise into the design of their facilities. However, when construction is complete, data center operations are an afterthought.

Here are the top 10 mistakes in data center operations:

  1. Not including your operations team in facility design
  2. Relying too much on data center design
  3. Failure to correctly address the staffing requirement
  4. Failure to train and develop your talent
  5. Failing to consistently drill and test skills
  6. Failure to overlay your operations program with documented processes and procedures
  7. Failure to implement appropriate processes and procedures
  8. Failure to develop and implement Quality Systems
  9. Failure to use software management tools
  10. Thinking you can build a best-in-breed program as quickly as a data center

Make the most of your data center! Download and read this APC by Schneider Electric white paper that further explains the top 10 mistakes in data center operations here: https://bit.ly/2MQaD5W.