Are you wondering what stands between you and an optimized data center? First, try addressing these three key issues:

  • Efficiency: how can you make the most of your energy while ensuring reliability and availability?
  • Agility: as business needs change, how can your data center infrastructure keep pace?
  • Visibility: as your data center becomes more critical, can you ensure that it is always functioning at its peak performance?

In any data center, these issues are critical in optimizing data center performance, which is increasingly tied to business success. There are six key challenges linked to these three issues:

  • How do you improve the efficiency of your existing data center?
  • How do you add high-density racks in a low-density data center?
  • How can you extend the life of your data center by adding power and cooling?
  • How do you build a new data center?
  • How do you get visibility and control over your data center’s key processes?
  • How do you implement a data center consolidation and virtualization project?

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