What Are the Benefits of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)?

Ask yourself these questions: Can you easily tell which cabinets in your data center have available capacity? Do you have readily accessible information about power usage by server, rack, or circuit? Can you determine the best location for new equipment without physically walking into the data center to look, or using potentially outdated spreadsheets? Do you know exactly which critical assets will be affected by a proposed change? When you initiate a new energy efficiency measure, is it easy to track the results? Are you alerted when UPS batteries are close to failing, or when hot spots or other downtime [...]

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3 Keys to Better Data Center Management

These days, it’s hard to tell which aspect of data centers is greater: their criticality or their complexity. Data centers have become the essential drivers of many businesses, and their rise in importance has been paralleled by the evolution of technology necessary to maintain them. Managing them requires using the best tools and practices, because downtime carries high costs. Here are three keys to effective data center management. Get the Big Picture Data center performance is multidimensional. It involves many IT and facility factors that are interconnected, including power, cooling, energy efficiency, server capacity, asset tracking, and maintenance needs. Information [...]

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How to Ensure Your Data Center’s PUE Calculation is Accurate

A key metric in determining the efficiency of your data center is power usage effectiveness (PUE). Understanding the PUE calculation – developed by The Green Grid, information consortium and global authority on resource efficiency – is essential for successful data center management. PUE calculation involves dividing the amount of energy used to power the entire data center by the amount of energy drawn by the IT equipment. Ideally, those numbers should be as close as possible to get a PUE reading that is close to 1 (meaning that all of the power is being used by the IT equipment). For [...]

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3 Tips for Data Center Planning and Design

There’s an old saying in carpentry: “Measure twice, cut once.” The same principle of planning before execution applies to any endeavor, particularly one as important as data center planning. The data center is the nerve center of many businesses; with the growth of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), there is more focus on data centers than ever before. Mistakes or oversights in the planning and design phases of the data center life cycle can have disastrous consequences, including budget overruns, delays, lost time, and poor efficiency. Whether you are updating and retrofitting your existing facilities or creating [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Data Center Efficiency

Data centers, the nucleus of any organization, can sometimes account for about half of annual energy costs. As the demand for increased computing capacity continues to grow and with more connected devices than ever before, optimal use of data center resources, including power and space, becomes even more important. Here are five ways to improve data center efficiency: 1. Monitor Actual Power Consumption It’s important to have an accurate assessment of how much power is being used -- where, when, and by which equipment. A system that provides real-time collection of data on current, voltage, power, and energy consumption can [...]

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How to Optimize Your Data Center’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Data centers are massive power consumers, and managing power usage has become an increasingly important factor in managing overall data center costs. Data center power efficiency is gauged using power usage effectiveness (PUE), a measure developed by The Green Grid. Improving PUE requires an investment in intelligent power distribution infrastructure. Most data centers run at a PUE of 2.0 -- so for every dollar of energy used for the IT resources, another dollar is used on energy for operating and cooling the facility. A highly efficient data center can get its PUE score down to 1.3 or 1.4. In our [...]

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5 Benefits of Environmental Sensors

For most organizations, the data center serves as a brain and central nervous system. It is the center of indispensable data, applications, and services. That’s why it’s critical to keep it running as safely and efficiently as possible.  Environmental sensors can play a huge role in protecting critical equipment and improving efficiencies.  Consider these five benefits of using sensors in your data center. Optimal Cooling Usage Real-time and historic sensor input helps to identify both hot and cold spots in the data center.  For example, sensors can indicate when an aisle is overcooled and the thermostat can be raised.  Environmental [...]

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