Micro Data Center Xpress solutions make it easy and cost effective to add data center capacity anywhere and anytime it is needed – in both IT room and non-climate controlled environments.

These customizable designs include the physical enclosure, UPS, PDU, cooling, software, environmental monitoring, and security, making deployment a breeze in edge computing facilities.

For System Integrators:

2NSystems, along with APC by Schneider Electric, provide a comprehensive starting point of integrated physical infrastructure for more micro data centers. We are able to simplify the manufacturing process and save costs.

For IT Solution Providers:

Together, we work to define standard solutions that are validated by Converged/Hyperconverged industry vendors. It’s our goal to simplify the purchasing and delivery process.

For End Customers (Retail, Finance, Government):

End users need to deploy standardized drop-in-place micro data centers en masse; potentially for thousands of sites with global availability. Together, we simplify the delivery and deployment processes with repeatable designs, leveraging centralized management for higher availability.

2NSystems, along with APC by Schneider Electric, make it fast, easy and cost effective to design, procure and deploy the physical layer of IT systems to Data Centers or the Edge anywhere in the world.

Download APC’s Micro Data Center Xpress brochure to learn more about the product and why it’s a vital piece of IT equipment for Edge computing locations.


Note: Information contained in this blog came from APC by Schneider Electric’s “Deploying Micro Data Centers at the Edge” document.