Tape Media

For years, tape media has been the industry standard for backup and archival data storage. While there are many technology alternatives to tape storage, tape media still makes sense for many businesses. No matter what the future holds for tapes, 2NSystems will support all of your media requirements and keep you well prepared to take advantage of newer technologies when they make the most sense for your organization.

Even though there are viable alternatives to tape media, there are a variety of reasons why tape media continues to be an essential part of the IT data protection infrastructure. A vast majority of data is never accessed again once it has been created, but data retention requirements and industry compliance laws have caused companies to hold onto that data for much longer periods of time. A side effect of this is that companies have to store so much data that disk-based solutions could never be cost-effective.

Why use tape?

  • Tape is the most cost-effective platform for data storage
  • Tape is more reliable for long term-data retention than disk
  • With Linear Tape File System (LTFS), tape can now support a file system
  • The portability of tape means that data can be easily moved, or reliably stored off-site
  • Tape technology tends to be more reliable than disk-based solutions, in terms of error rate and protection from viruses

Although technological advancements are constantly changing the data center landscape, tape continues to be the best solution for data storage. However, consult with the 2NSystems team to see what data storage and archiving solution would be ideal for your facility.

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