Small server rooms and branch offices are typically unorganized, unsecure, hot, unmonitored, and space-constrained. These conditions can lead to system downtime or, at the very least, lead to “close calls” that get management’s attention.

Practical experience with these problems reveals a short list of effective methods to improve the availability of IT operations within small server rooms and branch offices.

The Micro Data Center Xpress is custom built to ensure your business has the ultimate, adept IT environment from the edge to the enterprise. This efficient unit can save you energy and money and can be easily deployed virtually anywhere!

Download the APC by Schneider Electric white paper, “Practical Options for Deploying Small Server Rooms and Micro Data Centers” to learn more!

This white paper is a guide to help you make realistic improvements to power, cooling, racks, physical security, monitoring and lighting.

2NSystems, along with APC by Schneider Electric, make it fast, easy and cost effective to design, procure and deploy the physical layer of IT systems to Data Centers or the Edge anywhere in the world.


Note: information contained in this blog came from APC by Schneider Electric’s White Paper 174, Revision 1, by Victor Avelar.