How to Ensure Your Data Center’s PUE Calculation is Accurate

A key metric in determining the efficiency of your data center is power usage effectiveness (PUE). Understanding the PUE calculation – developed by The Green Grid, information consortium and global authority on resource efficiency – is essential for successful data center management. PUE calculation involves dividing the amount of energy used to power the entire data center by the amount of energy drawn by the IT equipment. Ideally, those numbers should be as close as possible to get a PUE reading that is close to 1 (meaning that all of the power is being used by the IT equipment). For [...]

How to Ensure Your Data Center’s PUE Calculation is Accurate2021-12-15T19:53:13+00:00

3 Tips for Data Center Planning and Design

There’s an old saying in carpentry: “Measure twice, cut once.” The same principle of planning before execution applies to any endeavor, particularly one as important as data center planning. The data center is the nerve center of many businesses; with the growth of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), there is more focus on data centers than ever before. Mistakes or oversights in the planning and design phases of the data center life cycle can have disastrous consequences, including budget overruns, delays, lost time, and poor efficiency. Whether you are updating and retrofitting your existing facilities or creating [...]

3 Tips for Data Center Planning and Design2021-12-15T19:52:01+00:00
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