2NSystems, based in the Twin Cities, is the single source for data center solutions. We assist clients with planning and building data centers, handling everything from network closets to multiple megawatt facilities. 2NSystems enables mission-critical facilities to power, cool, protect, monitor and manage their physical infrastructure, and provides services including assessments, project management, design, construction, and implementation while continuing to support the daily sourcing of best-of-breed IT products. Operating through the US, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Canada, our 21 years of history positions us to be a leader in planning and building physical infrastructure for today’s IT departments.

Data Center Services


2NSystems began by selling IT hardware and supplies to companies all across the five-state Midwestern area. As technology advanced and the IT landscape began to rapidly change, 2NSystems was well-positioned to provide unbiased, holistic solutions for both the mechanical and electrical sides of the physical data center. Our “direct to owner” approach of information sharing helps to streamline the decision making process for the multitude of options that IT and facility professionals have to deliver power and cooling to their sites around the world.

2NSystems has years of experience working with customers of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, 100 people offices, 2NSystems provides organizations throughout the United States with data center solutions, as well as the service, expertise and attention to detail that ensures an efficient system. This customer-focused approach as well as the continued efforts in bringing the latest facility products to our customers will ensure that 2NSystems will support the IT community across the United States for years to come.

Cloud Computing

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