Walleye Trading trades securities and derivatives. It’s a very data intensive operation, and the Walleye MN IT Manager is responsible for keeping the organization’s critical data flowing. When the company purchased a building in Plymouth, Minnesota to replace its previously leased facilities, the IT Manager took on responsibility for, among other things, creating of the new facility’s data center. “2NSystems was recommended by our generator supplier for installation of uninterruptible power. We’d been planning to use our current cooling supplier and buy our own racks until we saw 2NSystems’s proposal for value-added services. We had plenty to do for the move, and 2NSystems was able to take on enough of the work to make life easier.”

Project Included

  • Data Center to support 60kw of IT load
  • Redundant APC In-Row Cooling unites to support load with expansion capability
  • APC 130kva UPS – to support the data center and critical office space
  • APC Floor PDU
  • APC Racks and APC power distribution
  • DCIM – APC monitoring software
  • Generator for the entire building
  • Electrical and mechanical installation
  • Wall system to separate data center space from staging area
walleye cs


This was more than a simple move. The new building was warehouse space that was being converted for office use. “We needed to do extensive remodeling including electrical, data connectivity, furniture and UPS for trading desks, and backup power. It was a big project. Construction ran from summer of 2012 until March of 2013.”


“Working with 2NSystems was really smooth. They helped us resize UPS to cost-effectively cover key functions, installed racks in the data center, and recommended more efficient in-row cooling instead of the ceiling-mounted ductwork we’d been planning to use. I’ve been through five major moves in my career, and working with 2NSystems really reduced the headaches.”


“We really like the new data center. It’s quite impressive to look at and is a showpiece for visitors to our facility. We are also moving a facility in New York and 2NSystems is helping us with that as well. They’ve already saved us money by helping us find and install refurbished UPS equipment for that facility.”

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