2NSystems has years of experience with planning, managing, and designing software integration into a company’s existing software or system. In addition to planning and design, our extensive project management makes it easier than ever to intuitively integrate data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software with your data center. 2NSystems’s experienced team combines decades of data center knowledge and best practices to ensure a successful integrated infrastructure, maximizing the customer’s investment.

2NSystems focuses on two main types of software integration:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM): Properly integrated DCIM software provides administrators with a complete overview of their data center’s performance so that energy, floor space, and equipment can be used efficiently. DCIM software even helps identify relationships between a building and its IT systems.

  • Physical Threat Monitoring: Security and environmental appliances, such as sensors and cameras, can be integrated into a system to provide protection against a variety of environmental or human threats that could cause downtime.

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To learn more about data center software integration services, as well as the other services offered by 2NSystems, call us at 952-657-7006 or fill out our contact form to setup a call to discuss your data center needs.