Project Management

The data center manager has the responsibility for keeping the data center up and running as well as the facility updated.  We know that some of your challenges with this surround having enough time and resources.  With this, you also have to stay on top of the new ways of power and cooling those facilities.  That is where 2NSystems comes in to help you.

We have built our business for the past 22 years in supplying best of breed power and cooling infrastructure to our customer in the manner that they want them.  We have experienced project managers on staff to do a full turnkey retrofit or greenfield build, including the contracting, product and project management or to simply provide whatever product you need for your center.

We will not sell you a service that you do not want or need, but we will be there to provide what you need when you need it.  We help you finish your projects in the manner that you want, giving you back one of the precious resources that you need – your time!

Project management schedule for business planning. Modern graphi

To learn more about data center project management services, as well as the other services offered by 2NSystems, call us at 952-657-7006 or fill out our contact form to setup a call to discuss your data center needs.

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