UL 1558 Low Voltage (LV) switchgear provides protection, metering, switching, control and automation of LV electrical systems in commercial and industrial applications

Provides connectivity to primary distribution lines, feeders, motors, transformers, generators, filters, capacitor banks through cables and bus duct

Application scope includes transfer schemes, generator control, generator/utility paralleling, motor control, load management and service entrance rating where required

Cells contain draw out breakers configured to meet applications and optimize space

Standard offering is non‐insulted bus; insulated bus optional

Breakers allow for viewing of flags, manual control, manual spring charging, trip unit adjustment and levering between positions without opening the breaker door

Standard offering is rear cover access; rear doors optional

Maximum bus ampacity: 6000A

Manufactured per UL requirements, and applicable NEMA and ANSI standards

Provide replacement/upgrade of existing equipment and fitting new gear to existing equipment capabilities

Vendor neutral; freedom to use best equipment for the application or to meet your preferences

Design/Build and Custom Switchgear Specialists

Protection, metering, control, automation and integration expertise

Inside the cabinet with switchboard