Data Center Generator

In the event of the utility outage, generators and backup power supplies ensure that data centers and other critical environments stay online until power is restored. Your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is not intended to be a long-term solution to a power outage, and is instead designed to provide power for only a few minutes. In the event of an outage, UPS batteries take critical electrical load for the few seconds needed to start the emergency data center generators. Without a data center backup generator, critical and noncritical systems would not be able to operate. If you experience a loss of utility power that lasts longer than your UPS batteries and you do not have a backup power supply, your data center will crash.


Power outages cause unplanned downtime, and they can mean hours of lost productivity, time and resources required to reboot cycles, and the risk of significant damage to systems. After utility power is restored, it could be days or weeks before all systems are operational. The amount of data lost from an outage can be extensive; depending on your business’ workflow, large amounts of data can be lost even when backups occur frequently.

Data center generators are the insurance you need against catastrophic system failure and data loss. Backup power supplies can provide a reliable power source for hours or days, and it is wise to consider redundant generators for critical systems.

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In order to ensure that your data center has the proper back up power, consult with the experts at 2NSystems today. 2NSystems has years of experience with data center generators, and can help determine the backup power requirements of your facility. Before making a decision, you must consider generator size, fuel type, deployment location, exhaust/emissions requirements, and more. We can help choose the best generator for the job, as well as provide a quote for installation.