IronGate operates two multi-tenant, colocation data centers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company is known for its expertise in customized, scalable and secure IT environments, at a competitive price point. “With spaces ranging from 1,200 to 12,000 sq. ft., each suite in our facilities is built to meet a tenant’s current requirements, exact specifications and future expansion needs,” says John Botnen, Vice President and CTO of IronGate.

Each suite is self-sufficient as tenants control their own individual rack size, density, capacity, power and cooling. Separation of electrical and mechanical systems not only removes any potential overlap of charges to customers, it also eliminates the chance that one tenant’s problem becomes another’s. For example, if one customer accidentally shuts down its EPO, only the suite in which the issue occurs is affected.

Project Included

  • MGE EPS 8000 625kVA
  • Galaxy VM 225kVA
  • Modular RPP’s
    (300mm wide RPP’s = Remote Power Panels)
  • MGE 225kVA PMM’s
    (Power Management Modules =’Floor PDU’s)
  • InRow RC 300mm
  • InRow ACRC 600mm
  • Uniflair Perimeter Cooling
  • APC Racks, rPDU’s (rack PDU’s)
    and Cable Management
IronGate CS


In today’s colocation market, customers demand just in time delivery of IT space that is flexible and cost effective. Colocation provider IronGate Data Centers must offer customized colocation spaces in order to meet these demands.


IronGate utilizes a breadth of Schneider Electric data center solutions and services to deliver customization and plan for capacity. John Botnen works with local Schneider Electric partner 2NSystems along with a cross-functional team from Schneider Electric through the project lifecycle.


The three teams collaborate from client requirements, designing and planning, equipment specifications, ordering, construction, installation and startup. The work also results in a roadmap for growth for each customized data center space.

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