Peter McGurran

President & Business Development

Pete’s belief is that the key to any successful company is the individuals that are on the team. His direction has always been to hire great, talented people, with extensive experience in the areas that greatly impact the deliverables and overall relationship with his customers; Creating an environment that encourages growth, rewards hard work, and fosters personal development is part of his recipe for success. He continues to expand his team, concentrating on delivering turn-key type solutions for current and new customers. “Giving back time” to his clients by delivering completed projects nationally has been a concentration for Pete that has proven to create considerable value. When not working, Pete spends his time with his wife Jami chasing their 3 dogs on their land and trying to complete the never-ending list of projects!

Todd Riebe

Vice President & Principal Systems Engineer

Todd grew up in Waconia, MN and completed his engineering degree from Mankato State. He worked as an application engineer at Rosemount and spent almost 8 years as a systems engineer at ADC Telecommunications. Later, he shifted to the data center industry and worked for APC. Todd joined Imprint Data Center Solutions with his business partner, Pete, and together they bought out the business, shaping it to their vision. Todd’s engineering approach helps him to solve customer needs, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. He enjoys the challenges of running and growing the company.

Joseph Demuth

Manager- Project Engineering

Meet Joe, the project engineering and implementation expert at 2NSystems. With a background in the electrical trades, Joe attended St. Paul Technical College to pursue his passion. Over the years, he has gained valuable experience in the electrical, mechanical, technologies, and critical systems industry, working in various roles such as general foreman, divisional project manager, and implementation lead. Joe’s exceptional skills in reviewing projects, identifying needs, and tackling challenges head-on has made him an invaluable member of our team. His dedication to supporting positive project completion has earned him the trust and respect of our clients. When Joe is not hard at work, you can find him enjoying the great outdoors with his family and friends.

Julie Eberwine

Operations Manager

Julie Eberwine is an accomplished operations manager with over 13 years of experience at 2NSystems. She has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a keen understanding of operational efficiency, resulting in improved productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. Julie excels in overseeing various aspects of operations, including logistics, procurement, product knowledge, and customer satisfaction, while fostering a collaborative work environment that encourages innovation and continuous improvement. Her ability to identify bottlenecks has significantly contributed to the overall efficiency of the organization. Julie’s strong interpersonal skills and effective communication have been instrumental in achieving organizational objectives and promoting teamwork. With her technical expertise and leadership style, Julie serves as a valuable asset to our company’s success.

Jason Tannahill

Sales Executive

Jason is a highly experienced tech-savvy sales professional with over 25 years of expertise in IT, software, consulting, and data center infrastructure. From his early days of tinkering with electronics, Jason developed a passion for problem-solving and working with people. He has a proven track record of helping clients navigate through complicated decisions concerning hardware, software, and professional services. Jason’s strong communication skills and ability to build lasting relationships have made him a valuable asset to our company. In his free time, Jason enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, golfing, fishing, hunting, and boating, and has been playing guitar in a local Heavy Metal band since 1997.

Galen Hart

Engineering Project Manager

Galen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the 2NSystems team as an Engineering Project Manager. With a technical degree in Civil Engineering from the USAF and an Associates Degree of Science in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University, Galen has a strong foundation in the field of engineering. With over 18 years of experience in the Critical Facilities (Data Center) infrastructure industry, Galen has served as an Assistant Chief Engineer for Bell South and Bank of America, partnered with JLL and CBRE, and as a Critical Facilities Senior Project Manager for Travelers Insurance partnered with CBRE.
Galen’s dedication to his work is matched by his commitment to his family. Married to his wife since 1999, Galen is the proud father of two children who are currently students at Kennesaw State University and Albany State University. In his free time, Galen is an avid sports fan and enjoys college football, NFL, and Major League Baseball. He is also a talented grill master, able to make anything from chicken to beef taste amazing. Galen’s passion for excellence and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to the 2NSystems team since 2022.

Dustin Sather

Engineering Project Manager

Meet Dustin, one of our Engineering Project Manager’s whose hands-on approach to his work, combined with his diverse life experiences and technical expertise, make him an invaluable asset to the 2NSystems team. Having lived across several states in the US, he has developed a deep appreciation for diversity and a strong ability to adapt to new environments. Dustin currently resides in Cambridge, MN with his wife and four children. Dustin’s impressive professional background includes serving for four years in the United States Marine Corps as a heavy equipment operator. He honed his ability to work under pressure and handle complex technical challenges while there. Later, he spent six years as a Limited Energy Technician, where he gained technical knowledge and expertise. He spends his free time hunting and fishing, which has instilled in him a sense of patience, attention to detail, and a deep respect for nature. His ability to adapt to new challenges and his commitment to excellence ensure that he always delivers exceptional results.

Dan Erickson

Engineering Project Manager

Dan joined the 2NSystems team in 2022 and brought a wealth of experience in designing and implementing critical power and cooling solutions. He has 25 years of Data Center and IT Infrastructure Support for a Fortune 500 Company, with responsibilities including, but not limited to, daily support and large data center project implementations; he is passionate about listening to our customers’ needs and utilizing his expertise to develop solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Dan is a proud resident of Oak Park Heights, MN, where he lives with his wife Melissa, daughter Kennedy, and son Freddy. Their furry family members include a lovable dog named Fez and a charming cat named Spike, both of whom they cherish. When Dan isn’t hard at work, he can often be found indulging his love of car racing at the local dirt track. His enthusiasm and dedication make him a valuable asset to our team and we are grateful to the contributions he makes to our projects and clients.

Dan Christianson

Engineering Project Manager

As a Project Engineer, Dan brings a wealth of experience to design, develop, and review project objectives for client equipment installations. Dan’s passion for his work is evident in every project he handles, ensuring that our clients’ needs are always met with precision and care. Dan’s love for engineering started early on, and he pursued his passion by obtaining a degree from Dunwoody College of Technology. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Dan is a valuable asset to our team, and we are thrilled to have him on board. When he’s not working on client projects, Dan enjoys spending his free time golfing and riding his motorcycle. As a true Minnesotan, he knows how to make the most of our short summers by enjoying outdoor activities. During the long winter months, he keeps busy with hockey and billiards. Dan’s positive attitude and dedication to his work make him an invaluable team member, and we’re proud to have him as part of our team.

Nate Josephs

Systems Engineer

Originally from Bloomington, MN, Nate graduated from South Hennepin Technical College with a four-year degree in architectural drafting. While working full-time as a CAD designer, being a married father of two, Nate continued his education and earned a four-year degree in business information systems. He then went on to become a data center manager. Nate’s love for combining technical skills with drawings and documentation has not only been fulfilled throughout his career, but also through side work creating architectural renderings, 3D models, and designing/building things around the house. His passion for learning new technical skills makes him a perfect fit as a systems engineer at 2NSystems. Aside from being a skilled engineer, Nate is also a talented musician. He plays electric guitar, with a preference for vintage rock. Overall, Nate’s diverse skill set and passion for learning make him an invaluable member of the 2NSystems team.

Megan Kelliher

ALM Supervisor

Born and raised in Salem, VA, Megan currently resides in a stunning home with her boyfriend Logan and two adorable dogs, Rocco and Ace. She obtained her associate degree in business administration from Virginia Western Community College in December of 2022. Megan’s journey at 2NSystems began in September of the same year, and she has been an important member of our team ever since. Megan’s primary responsibilities include scheduling preventative maintenance, updating databases, creating entitlements, storing PM reports, and providing warranty renewal quotes. Due to Megan’s dedication and hard work she has been vital to our company’s success. Megan loves being part of a supportive team and values a positive work-life balance, making her a fantastic addition to our 2N family.

Sierra Ramsey

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Sierra is a valuable member of our team at 2N, bringing a wealth of experience and skills to our logistics coordination efforts. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Sierra moved to Northern VA where she graduated High School before relocating to Salem, VA. After starting her career in early childhood development, Sierra made the decision to focus on shipping and logistics. With over 8 years of experience in international logistics, she has developed an impressive skill set that translates well to her role at 2NSystems. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Sierra is also a talented gardener and master chef (awaiting official recognition). Her diverse range of skills and interests make her a well-rounded and valuable asset to our team. We are grateful to have her on the 2NSystems team.

Ericka Taylor

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Meet Ericka, our Order Fulfillment Specialist at 2NSystems, who is an integral part of our customer service team. She is committed to ensuring that our customers’ needs are met promptly and efficiently. In addition to her order fulfillment responsibilities, Ericka provides sales support to our team, coordinates logistics, and manages projects, including service scheduling. She is a critical thinker and problem solver, with excellent communication skills, making her an essential member of our team. She loves working in our Roanoke office and looks forward to coming in every day.

Carrie Cochran

Project Coordinator

Meet Carrie, the outstanding Project Coordinator of 2N Systems. With over twenty years of experience in customer service, sales, and management, Carrie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences has earned her a reputation as a go-to resource for our clients. Carrie is always eager to learn new things and take on new challenges, which has allowed her to take on more responsibility and develop new skills in her current position. Her growth and evolution in the role have been nothing short of remarkable. When Carrie is not busy at work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family. Her husband and two daughters are her world, and they often embark on exciting outdoor adventures together, such as camping, fishing, and attending concerts. Carrie is also passionate about giving back to her community and frequently volunteers her time to make a positive impact. With her expertise, dedication, and passion, Carrie is a valuable asset to our team and an inspiration to everyone around her.

Logan Pritchett

Sales Support

With 5 years of experience at FedEx, including time as an operations manager, Logan is well-versed in logistics. He has also worked as an
outside salesman for commercial building supplies at Foundation Building Materials, giving him valuable expertise in the distribution of these products. In addition, Logan has a background in event coordinating, making him a versatile asset to our team.

Chloe Lightner

Marketing Manager

Meet Chloe, our Marketing Manager, boasting 8 years of combined experience in coordinating social media efforts, managing websites, writing blogs, designing web and print graphics, executing email marketing, and as well as many other functions of marketing. Prior to joining our team, Chloe served as a Digital Marketing Manager in-house, as a Social Media Coordinator at a local advertising agency, as well as in-house at other local businesses, and as a freelancer. Her diverse skill set, and creative vision allow her to create, curate, and strategize engaging and thoughtful content that elevates our company’s marketing efforts. She received her B.A. in Advertising from Marshall University in 2017. When she’s not working, Chloe enjoys reading historical fiction, traveling to different countries (26 and counting!), and creating art inspired by her daily life.

Celina Roach

AP/AR Manager

Meet Celina, our Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Manager, and resident expert on everything invoicing at 2NSystems. With her can-do attitude and years of experience, Celina has become a valuable asset to our small company. She loves wearing multiple hats, and each day brings new and exciting challenges. Originally from southern California, Celina now considers the outer suburbs of Minneapolis her home. When not supporting 2NSystems, she can often be found on the road, enjoying the view from the passenger seat while her fiancé Todd drives. Celina is a proud mother to her two teenagers, as well as Todd’s two teenagers, and has a furry family consisting of two dogs and one fat orange tabby cat.

Kate Porter

Accounting Manager

Kate is our skilled accountant with over a decade of experience in the field. With an impressive career that started as an A/R specialist and culminated in a corporate tax internship, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. Her passion for organizing complex information into simple categories and her ability to navigate through various compliance rules make her a valuable asset to our company. Kate’s love for challenges and excitement in her work is evident in her eagerness to work for a company that conducts business all over the country. As a result, Kate has developed a unique perspective on accounting that allows her to provide insightful solutions for our clients. When she’s not crunching numbers, Kate enjoys spending time with her family in sunny San Diego. She’s an avid cook, baker, knitter, and gardener. Her creativity even extends to the world of literature where she recently published her first children’s novel in 2021.

Kyle Gray

IT Manager

Kyle is a valuable asset to the 2NSystems team, bringing a wealth of experience and diverse skills to his role as IT Manager. With a background as a former manager of an IT company and a former business owner of a pet company, Kyle brings a unique perspective to the team. He is a graduate of YSU, where he honed his technical skills and developed his love of all thing’s tech related. In addition to his professional experience, Kyle is also a dedicated family man, with two children and a loving wife. When he’s not busy at work or spending time with his family, he enjoys indulging in his hobbies. Kyle is a self-proclaimed “technically nerd,” with a passion for all things techie. He is an avid player of fantasy football and enjoys traveling to different countries to experience new cultures and cuisines. His favorite city to visit is Paris, France, where he loves to soak up the art, architecture, and history of the city.

Melissa May

Scheduling Assistant

Meet Melissa, our Scheduling Assistant at 2NSystems. Melissa brings a wealth of experience to our team, having previously worked in customer service at United Health Group from 2018-2021. She also has experience in management roles, having worked as a leasing agent at F&W Management from 2017-2018, and as a manager at Family Dollar and RW Enterprises from 2015-2017. Melissa is a proud graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education/Psychology. Her educational background has provided her with a unique perspective on problem-solving and communication skills, making her an invaluable asset to our team. Outside of work, Melissa enjoys spending quality time with her partner and two daughters, one of which she loves to watch on the basketball and volleyball court. With her dedication to customer service and her diverse skill set, Melissa is an essential member of our team at 2NSystems.