Data Center Cable Management

Data center cable management doesn’t mean just knowing what plugs into where. It also involves preventing equipment failures while improving speed, bandwidth and performance. All too often, cabling is the last item on the check-list. Whether performed by in-house staff or by contractors, bad cabling jobs are fairly common. We’ve all seen IT equipment setups with tight, erratic or mislabeled cables. Bad data center cabling is not just unsightly , but it can lead to issues with tracing cables or trying to move equipment.

Since your data center is constantly growing and changing, ensuring you are equipped with a flexible cabling infrastructure that meets your current needs and future needs should be a priority. Taking the extra time to plan and execute data center cabling can save hours of future work and headaches.

Does your project involve wiring a new data center? We can help familiarize you with different types of media used for data transmission and cable types available. If your project involves upgrading a data center, we can help you evaluate and understand the current data center cabling infrastructure before planning the upgrade.

Selecting the right combination of components from the hundreds of options available can be daunting. Each item has its own advantages,disadvantages, costs and compatibilities, and making the right selection is important for efficient performance and to avoid future issues or failures. When making cabling selections be sure to look for:

  • Compatibility
  • Ease of installation process
  • Cost
  • Density
  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility

Let 2NSystems handle surveying, planning, management and installation of your data center cabling.

When all’s said and done, you’ll know what is connected where, and have a high-density, flexible cabling infrastructure that meets your current needs and is ready for any future expansion.

The need for an organized data center cable management system inside and outside the rack has increased with the rise in equipment densities. Damaged cables, increased work time, blocked airflow and even downtime are all the unfortunate results of poor cable management. Proper and efficient data center and IT environment cabling calls for the right knowledge, tools, patience, a structured approach and discipline. Solutions range from simple cable management rings, to vertical or horizontal organizers, to troughs and ladders.

Data Center Closeup