Handwriting text Planned Maintenance. Concept meaning Check ups to be done Scheduled on a Regular Basis.

Most UPS Emergency Maintenance Plans are accompanied with Preventive Maintenance service visits, both for the UPS itself as well as the batteries. These are critical visits, designed to identify problems where ignorance of potential issues could lead to unplanned outages.

In many cases, these visits are missed, overlooked or forgotten altogether. 2NSystems has designed a program to ensure that these visits are completed and vital information on those visits are communicated back to data center management.

2NSystems will assist in the budgeting of remediation of any issue and will provide completed solutions to keep your data center up and running.

Scope of Work

Included in the service:

  • Proactively reach out to each customer site contact to confirm the desired dates of all UPS Preventative Maintenance and Battery Maintenance visits.
  • Scheduling UPS Preventative Maintenance and Battery Maintenance visits with provider based upon the availability of each site.

  • Acquire the UPS Preventative Maintenance and Battery Maintenance reports that were created as a result of the visits from the provider. Review reports to determine if any issues exist with the UPS units.

  • Work with the customer contact to make known any issues with the UPS units. Provide recommendations and pricing proposals to fix any issues that fall outside of the scope of the maintenance plan.

  • Work with customer contact to give updates on battery and capacitor life for the UPS units that they have in order to budget for battery and capacitor replacements.

  • Scheduling of all battery and capacitor replacement visits.

  • Life-cycle management of all UPS units to help with keeping the assets operating within their useful life

  • Quarterly report to customer summarizing the service completed in the prior quarter and the services that are coming due.

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