Life Cycle Management

One of the biggest challenges for data center professionals is managing the life cycle of data center equipment.  This must be done in a way to minimize downtime and reduce outages but also with the financial impact of the budget in mind.   The majority of equipment funding for a data center is target to storage, servers, network and security.  The physical portion is sometimes overlooked and expected to run with limited resources.  The end result of this could be disastrous for a company’s IT – downtime!

At 2NSystems, we work with companies that have limited budgets to apply life cycle management tools, services and principles to the data center to maximize uptime and to avoid the event.  The complexity of the modern data center can make the notion of life cycle management somewhat complex and intimidating. That’s why Schneider Electric has created a model that breaks data center life cycle services into five stages: Assess, Plan, Design, Build, and Operate. All are important, and thus it’s important to do all well.

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