Malware Attacks are Getting Worse, but There’s a Simple Tool to Stop Them in Their Tracks

stop malware attacks

Your ancillary networked equipment (UPS, air conditioners, power distribution gear, etc.) is vulnerable to the latest malware attack: Ripple20.

2NSystem’s partner, APC by Schneider Electric, has a simple and inexpensive tool that will keep your equipment safe from Ripple20 and other malware. The EcoStruxure IT Expert software will quickly identify vulnerabilities, assess options, fix the problem, and continually monitor impacted devices.

Best of all, EcoStruxure IT Expert is FREE for 30 days. Contact us to get your business set up.

Here’s what the software will do to protect you and your organization:

  1. Discover and begin to monitor the devices that are connected to your corporate network (APC UPS, air conditioner PDU, etc.) within minutes of installation.
  2. Generate a Security Risk Report (ScreenShot) that determines the security status of every APC device (firmware, password strength, password age, and network configuration/port settings) and shows you exactly how you can eliminate and mitigate threats to these devices like Ripple20.
  3. Deploy and quickly install critical firmware updates on all APC devices.
  4. Push out mass configuration settings or update passwords for multiple devices at the same time.

After the 30-day trial, EcoStruxure IT Expert will continue to monitor the performance of all your physical infrastructure devices, simplify alarming and notifications, and easily generate reports that enable you to make strategic planning and budgeting decisions for your organization.

Contact us if you’d like a demonstration or for assistance setting up EcoStruxure IT Expert, so you can keep your organization operating productively, reliably, safely, efficiently, and securely.


Written by Bailey Mutschler – Marketing Associate, 2NSystems, in Collaboration with our partner, APC by Schneider Electric.