“How long will my battery last?” and “What is the best practice for maintaining my UPS?” are very common questions posed from UPS owners. Few realize there is more to the UPS than just battery back-up; and that, like all electronics it has a life expectancy.

Many of the factors that affect battery life also affect UPS electronics. Some factors may be controlled by taking some preventative measures or simply adjusting some basic UPS settings.

With the average cost of data center downtime around $9,000 per minute (according to the Ponemon Institute), keeping uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) up and running is mission-critical.

Find out three ways to manage your UPS’s productivity based on its age below:

  1. If less than three years old – consider an extended warranty.
  2. If three to seven years old – replace the battery to ensure continued availability.
  3. If more than seven years old – reap the benefits from newer, energy-efficient technologies that can lower costs.

As a vendor-neutral reseller, 2NSystems has the flexibility to provide customers with cost effective uninterruptible power supply options from multiple manufacturers. This allows 2NSystems to help customers choose the UPS that best fits the specific needs of their data centers.

To learn more about UPS maintenance and how to extend its life, download the APC by Schneider Electric White Paper, Single Phase UPS Management, Maintenance, and Lifecycle.



Note: Information contained in this blog came from Schneider Electric’s White Paper 210, Revision 0, by Justin Solis.